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We have a simple and intentional method for operating our business with these principles:


We base all of our offerings and decisions on what our client should be expecting in return.  All investments in labor, technology or even consulting should be based on a solid expectation of ROI.  We not only work with you in joint effort to reach that ROI, but ensure that you can measure it, and continue to attain it even after our engagement ends.


At Westward Consulting, we are committed to being accessible to our clients in order to maintain customer satisfaction. We are purposeful in our mission to maintain lasting relationships with our valued clients.


We are a group of business professionals committed to our client's best interests. Client business needs will always be our first priority. At Westward, we work to maintain our valued relationships and will always do so with honesty and ethical business practices.


Each member of Westward Consulting loves to work with their clients to maximize their business' potential. Their passion is evident through their friendly and relaxed relationships with each client.


Giving of our time and finances to organizations that make a difference in the world is a deeply important part of our culture. We have committed to volunteer time and a portion of our profits to multiple organizations. A few of the charities that Westward supports include Justice & MercyInternational, CERI, and Cross Trail Outfitters. We truly believe that being good corporate stewards allows us to be better stewards of our client's time and resources as well.

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